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Mission and Vision :-  The  Mission  of the Company is to give continued stress upon development of Innovative Products & Development of Innovative Services, Value Addition to the existing Products & Services, Maintaining High Quality Standards, Providing Specialized Support System, Always Keeping Commitment done to the Clients, Keeping Time & Being Punctual along with fullest Dedication & Honesty. The  Vision  of the Company is to provide the client with indigenously made (Made In India) highly Affordable, High Quality, International Standard, Innovative Products & Services, with proper cost free online / telephonic guidance for application, without any kind of confusion (for choice of products from a very wide product ranged), without over-prescription of materials; so as to serve the Nation at large for all sections of the society, with Export potential to other Countries of the World. About Directors :-  Mr. MM Banerjee  is the Founder & Owner Director
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